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    We have extensive experience of mobile programming
    in iOS / Android platforms
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    We are providing innovative technology services
    for various enterprises
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    We are capable of providing advisory services
    and technical scientific calculations

We provide key high technology services and focus on helping our clients to build a successful business to reach your potential customers.


Companies are looking for more than "advice". In addition to solid advice, they need total solutions. That's why ENGMA has developed a comprehensive approach to consulting that moves clients forward at every level of their business, from high-level strategic planning to improved customer service to day-to-day operations. Whether client needs a more effective process or reasonable operating cost, we is able to provide complete solutions to deliver.

We always research and apply of state-of-the-art IT technologies, establish good quality management process in order to bring the best products and services to customers. Our highly experienced software development team focuses on delivering against exacting requirements, for any type of application of any complexity.


We have deep knowledge of programming mobile applications in iOS / Android devices, offer outsourced product development, custom development, with highly focus on qualitative, timely delivery and cost-effective product.

Our QA & Testing team has rich experience in testing & validation of mobile / web applications on a wide range of devices. We always provide you dedicated developers who will only work for you during the project. Our developers are able to understand your specifications, and send you a detailed report such as the time and progress of a particular app during the project development.


Having a website built for you can be a big step for your business and make the difference between success and failure, depending on how often your website can be found when customers search for it. We offers professionally designed websites with the most competitive prices. Furthermore, we also design and implement complex system based on cutting edge technologies of database and web service.


ENGMA helps companies to build software products they can sell to their customer. We takes care of all aspects of the product development cycle including R&D, prototyping, development, testing, maintenance, and support. Depending on the area of application, we adapt software products to multiple platforms, devices, and databases. As a company with a long experience in the IT market, we has established close relationships with a number of foreign customers that turned to our company as their outsourcing partner.


Design dynamics and control by means of flying / diving towards applications such as observation, self-stabilizing, self-propelled, chasing... Calculate, simulate and verify the stability characteristics and abilities on the numerical calculation software as well as several trials.

Identify aircraft systems, flight data from the flying / diving trials. Giving recognition parameters of the system, the mathematical model describing the automatic motion process, as well as the analysis of dynamic characteristics and quality of facilities.


With a solid-experienced team of Engineers, Masters and PhDs in Aeronautical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering, ENGMA performs wide range of services of computational engineering, research and development (R&D) for various international partners such as: APAVE (Multinational Group), ENSMA (France), RENAULT (France), ENAC (France), TUS (Japan), BOSCH and various local companies in Vietnam and in the region Asia–Pacific.

Providing Design Management aims to support Design consultancy unit in deploying the technical design to achieve these following objectives: Safety, sustainability, cost – effectively, on schedule, in accordance with the applied standards and the laws.


Providing skilled welders and technicians who are qualified and recognized by international Clients and Organization in the field. ENGMA provides the Qualified Welders (up to 6G) for the local and international contractors (such as PTSC MC, PCC1, POSSCO E&C…). We can provide inspection work to qualify the work implementation following the approved processes.

We performs pre- and post-weld heat treatment (PWHT) processes for projects in Vietnam and in the region. Preheating and/or post-weld heating treatments may be required when welding base materials for construction components. These thermal applications prevent or eliminate irregularities to guarantee the integrity of the finished weld. ENGMA engineers and experts ensure that the processes are correctly conducted in compliance with the relevant welding procedure specifications and code requirements.

Our Vision

With enthusiasm, creativity, visionary views and the true value, we not only create but also to convey the pride in the products and services necessary for a fulfilling life.


With a mission to enhance service quality and meet the increasing demands of customers, Engma always acquires all comments from customers and feedback from the market, thereby improving technology, mechanical restructuring the management system and improve professional skills, quality of human resources.

Development Strategy

Development strategy of Engma production is continuously improving the quality and safety of products and increase competition, which will most fully meet the increasing demand and customer diversification.
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