An Introduction Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ Machine Learning (ML)

Why does AI/ Machine Learning gain worldwide famous in recent years and what exactly is AI/ Machine Learning? Why do you need to use AI/ Machine Learning as a part of your daily life?

1. What is Machine Learning?

In these recent years, with the rise of The Fourth Industrial Revolution resulting in Artificial Intelligence. The previous Industrial Revolution were: 1 – the steam engine, 2 – electrical power, 3 – information technology. We can clearly see that Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly crucial to our lives, however, we carelessly do not notice it. 

An Introduction Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ Machine Learning (ML)

Some applications of AI/ Machine Learning are Google and Tesla self-driving cars, Facebook’s automatically photo tagging in pictures or Apple virtual assistant – Siri, Netflix’s movie recommendation system, Alpha Go – a program that plays the board game Go by Google DeepMind, Amazon’s shopping recommendation system, Amazon’s Echo Dot, Google Home...


Machine learning is a field of artificial intelligence that uses statistical techniques to give computer systems the ability to "learn" from the given data, without being explicitly programmed.

With the rapid development of technologies, the hardware of the computer has drastically improved on a whole new level along with a larger range of data collected by technology companies. A new concept within Machine Learning has been born, it is called Deep Learning.

Deep Learning helps computers to do things we could not be able to imagine 10 years ago. Deep Learning can categorize thousands of different objects in thousands of pictures, automatically writes down annotations for them. Also, it can understand and copy the writings and voices of human and be able to communicate with them. In addition, Deep Learning can compose songs and write pieces of literature.

2. Major in Machine Learning

Human resources demand of Machine Learning is increasing along with the demand to study Machine Learning in both Vietnam and all over the world. In the field of study, there are thousands of scientific reports on Machine Learning every year. In the field of industry, from big companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon… to start-ups, all are investing their money in Machine Learning.

Machine Learning is applied to many aspects of life, from computer science to less related subjects like physics, chemistry, politics, medicine… 

It is undoubted that Machine Learning will continue to improve upon itself and we can not possibly deny its powerful potential in the future. 

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