Slogan: Creative and Trust Partner

Criteria : Self-confidence, Respect and Trust

About Our Company

ENGMA – Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering - is a company originally operating in the field of Mechanical & Aeronautical Trading and Technical Services. With A strategic vision, the company’s founders have had an orientation to develop ENGMA as an innovative and reliable partner for all companies in the field of information technology, technical services and design.
Since its establishment, ENGMA has set the mission: Nurturing passion, ambition, and raising Vietnamese intellectuals in the field of Computer Science. This mission orginates from the founders who are knowledgeable and passionate about high technology engineering fields.

With the slogan "innovative and reliable partner ", ENGMA always put faith and prestige in their top priority of its policies.

Our Company Life

Free to contribute yourself thinking

Confortable working environment

We have high passion in our job

Strong team work

Aide entreprise