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ERP consultancy and customize for your SME.

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ERP Consulting Services - What is ERP services?

Stemming from the need of Digital Conversion & Digitalization for SMEs, with experience successfully deployed for many small and medium-sized companies in ERP application, we are confident to help our customers, effect of successfully applying ERP in their businesses.

Indeed, finding an ERP software today is not difficult, there are more than 20 famous ERP in the world like SAP, Odoo, Bitrix,... the difficult thing is how to apply ERP in the way that the software really "works" and brings advantages to the business!

Each enterprise has a different governance environment, a different culture, and the bigger the business, the more distinct its own culture. The use of an ERP tool to manage all information and resources to optimize cost and time is inevitable but not easy.

With our strong experience and a smart team of consultants who have knowledge and experiences in many different fields, many different business models, we are confident that we can satisfy your company and our partners.

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ERP is an important part of the digital transformation of businesses. So how to implement ERP professionally and effectively. Let Engma see the details of the ERP software implementation process for businesses right here.

Standard ERP implementation process for businesses

1. Needs Analysis & Corporate Culture

ERP software - enterprise resource management software, is the core basis for the business to operate, is a place to provide information for the Board of Directors to build business strategies and make important decisions. . Therefore, the process of building ERP software requires an ERP programming consultant to have a deep understanding of the culture as well as the current and future needs of the business, thereby building a viable strategy in applying ERP.

2. Choosing an ERP Solution

Currently, there are many ERP solutions that have been applied successfully in many countries and many sizes of businesses. How to choose the right ERP solution for your business?

Before choosing an enterprise, you need to know the following information:

What is a short / medium / long term strategy? What is the chain of the business operation that you need to solve first? What is the most important chain of your business?
Understand the management and operation processes of the parts placed in the general.
Comparison of demand (short, medium, long term) and existing ERP Solution features.
Considering Time & Budget for system implementation, operation and maintenance.
From the above factors, give the optimal solution for the business.
3. Standardized Process

Each ERP Solution is based on overall Enterprise Standard Operating Procedures, it is written to best suit standard business models. Therefore, when applying to a separate Enterprise, there will exist a “gap” between the Solution & Implementation Process being implemented.

Standardization - it can be changed on the Business Practices side - or it can be slightly modified the ERP Solution's process - and sometimes both - to optimize the rules operation process. This standardization process requires coordination between the Enterprise & ERP programming consultant.

4. Test Run

Before putting ERP software into official operation, the test run process is indispensable. This process checks whether the features are running correctly with the previous metrics. Whether the new modifications or additions coordinate seamlessly with other components of the system or not.

The trial run also helps businesses assess the convenience and stability of the ERP business management software system. From there, the business can minimize the troubles that may arise later.

5. Receptive ERP Innovation

ERP software is not inherently static. In the process of using, if it feels inappropriate, the enterprise has the right to customize and improve to fully meet the needs at that time as well as to meet the changes of the business in the future. , more consistent with the system of policies and regulations of the State.

6. Employee training

Business leaders are the ones who make the decisions, but the main people who implement and bring success to the ERP software system are the staff. Therefore, the process of training and improving knowledge and skills for people directly using the software is extremely important for the ERP software system to maximize their efficiency.

With the right ways of using ERP software, businesses will deploy the software more efficiently, bringing quick success to the business after deployment.

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ERP consultancy and customize for your SME.



Develop mobile app as customer’s request. Customize mobile app services.



Professional Website Design, SEO standards, compatible with mobile devices, friendly



Consultant & develop the IoT system for requirement of SME.



Providing cloudVPS services, data back-up services.



Function test and performance test for sofware and application. Risk evaluation report for performance and operation of system.



Technical support during application operation phase. Server support and customized for new requirment after laucnhing app.



Analyze existing Enterprise business models and establish roadblocks that need digital transformation. Consulting on applying technology 4.0, IoT technology, ERP software, e-commerce software, ... in the production and operating process of the company.

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