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Consultant & develop the IoT system for requirement of SME.

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Internet of Things (IoT) - Internet of Things - is an extremely popular term in today's digital age. IoT is envisioned as an ecosystem that can enable connected technologies to link and synchronize everything with each other. To put it more clearly, the IoT is a network of 5G-enabled smart devices that uses processors, sensors and artificial intelligence to send, analyze, and operate based on data collected from the environment. operate.

The home remote control enhances comfort and security
IoT will revolutionize housing in Vietnam by helping people reduce time for everyday tasks, as well as bring more convenience. With the proliferation of IoT smart devices remotely controlled via phones or tablets, refrigerators will be able to notify homeowners that their products are about to expire, while air-conditioning The air can be controlled with just one click, even when you're out of the house.
information from people, simultaneously connect providing devices, analyze data in real time to improve the quality of public services. plus. These utilities include the ability to upgrade management in transportation systems, power plants, waste management, crime detection and more.
Manufacturing industry turns a new page
In Industry 4.0, 5G IoT technology will redefine mechanics and develop automation mechanisms. The rise of smart factories where robots, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and data analysis systems are closely linked to manufacturing and logistics processes, helping to increase productivity , reduce costs for the production process.
KT Engma Trading Service Joint Stock Company with many years of experience has cooperated with large domestic and foreign companies such as Dien Quang, Led up ..., always committed to supporting businesses to deploy ioT technology, at the same time for equipment manufacturers, to ensure that improvements from Internet of Things technology can bring the most optimal benefits for businesses.

Quy Trình Triển khai

1. Get customer request
At this stage, we really need the cooperation of customers in providing information and answering some of our questions, so that we can easily advise customers.
Every day, we receive many great customer ideas about creating an application to revolutionize business or to reach existing customers or new customers, ... Most of them cannot write these ideas on any medium: paper, word file, excel and most of them cannot understand, see all the risks, opportunities, related problems.
Therefore, this is the step we exchange to clarify the idea of ​​making an app as well as define the wants and needs of customers for the product they want to make. Based on these facilities, we will analyze and advise them issues related to the functionality needed and sufficient for the application. This helps them have more information to consider the feasibility of the project they are pursuing.
Depending on the level of project requirements, we will suggest how to exchange most effectively for both sides.
We also make it clear that: we have the right to refuse requests to make products that are related to illegal activities, or affect the humanities of society. In addition, we also have the right to refuse to respond to customers who have an impolite and disrespectful communication during the contact process.


2. Analyze customer requirements

 Quy Trình Thiết Kế Và Lập Trình Mobile App Web App

After collecting the requirements and wishes of customers, we will start to spend time researching, analyzing and making plans, implementation time as well as implementation costs.
Depending on the project we consider whether to charge or be free for this work. And we will let customers know in advance prior to implementation.
In the requirement analysis table, we will specify the details of project work, working time, functional descriptions, direction to handle situations ...
For large-scale projects such as TMDT exchanges, large projects affecting 1 million users, normally we would suggest an Agile approach, as opposed to small projects. and as long as the requirements are relatively clear we recommend a waterfall method.
3. Quotation and contract signing
After both parties agree to the request analysis, we will issue a quotation based on the features and requirements in this analysis. If the two parties agree to an agreement, then proceed to sign the contract.
4. Planning implementation
 Quy Trình Thiết Kế Và Lập Trình Mobile App Web App
After the contract is signed, Engma Company will plan the implementation schedule for the project and send it to the Client. The customer considers and checks, if any correction is required, then notify Engma so that the two sides agree on a working plan and follow together.
5. Design
The design department will start up on the demo of the product based on the requirements analysis. After the demo design is finished, we will send it to the client. This design is very useful for customers because it helps them visualize the product they want to make, then give the necessary modifications or improvements, or add functionality ... This is a step to help the product. adding more perfecting before reaching customers.
During this phase we will spend time checking, reviewing, revising the design and giving us feedback.
6. Kick-off project This is a meeting for the whole project team to understand the project, the responsibilities of each member, assignments, deadlines, and how to coordinate the implementation. Things to note during project implementation. After this meeting, relevant departments will schedule tasks to perform, and each member will be assigned tasks and implementation deadlines. Project Manager controls the project execution.

7. Deploy programming

The programming department will conduct programming. Tasks and deadlines are tracked by Project Manager. The work to be done are planned and followed according to the set deadline. We have tools to control the project progress to promptly intervene if problems arise from either side of the client or us, for example changing requirements, adding new requests in the process. do …
8. Test and fix bug
After the programming is complete, our test department will perform the test steps based on the test case given for this product. During the test, if there is an error, it will notify the programmer to correct the error until the test is no longer bug.
9. Handing over to customers
After passing our tests, the product will be sent to the customer. We take time for customers to check and respond to correct errors reported by customers (if any).
10. Lesson learn after the project
After the project, we will spend time meeting to discuss the good and bad points, what needs to be learned for the project to improve the team and more services in the future.
Above is the standard working procedure at App Engma Design Company. In addition, we have separate app design packages according to the requirements of each industry in accordance with the business areas of the business. For more details please contact us for a detailed consultation.

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Introduce about IOT
Introduce about IOT

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ERP consultancy and customize for your SME.



Develop mobile app as customer’s request. Customize mobile app services.



Professional Website Design, SEO standards, compatible with mobile devices, friendly



Consultant & develop the IoT system for requirement of SME.



Providing cloudVPS services, data back-up services.



Function test and performance test for sofware and application. Risk evaluation report for performance and operation of system.



Technical support during application operation phase. Server support and customized for new requirment after laucnhing app.



Analyze existing Enterprise business models and establish roadblocks that need digital transformation. Consulting on applying technology 4.0, IoT technology, ERP software, e-commerce software, ... in the production and operating process of the company.

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